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D. Bradley Evans


Q: What matters most to clients?

A: Being listened to. People want to feel that you hear them and that you care. They don't want their lawyer to come with readymade advice before hearing their story. It's why meeting in person is so important. Clients need that connection, and honestly so do we. When you get to know someone personally, you're inspired to help.


Q: You often talk about the importance of educating clients. Why is that?

A: People are always more comfortable when they know what to expect. They're better prepared. Arranging a Will or settling an estate can be an emotional process. Even buying a home: it's an exciting time and there's a lot riding on getting the details right. We walk our clients through the steps so there are no surprises.


Q: Why the strong emphasis on a team approach?

A: Because as a team we support each other, and it strengthens what we can deliver to our clients. Gerry and I wanted to create an environment where people could take advantage of each other's experience and perspective. We meet weekly as a group to talk through open files and are constantly knocking on each other's doors to brainstorm. So clients always get the benefit of our best collective thinking. And for tricky issues, they're able to access a second legal opinion within our own office.


Q: Anything your clients might be surprised to learn about you?

A: Well, I play piano, which some people might not expect. Though actually piano and law are sort of similar: they both have structure and rules. And they both require a lot of practice if you really want to be good at them.


Undergraduate - University of Ottawa

Law degree - University of Ottawa

Called to the Bar 1980


Community Involvement

Heart of Orléans Business Improvement Association - President of the Board of Directors

The Ottawa Mission - Voting member - President for two years; Board member for 15 years


Professional Involvement

Carleton County Law Association - Member

Estate Planning Council of Ottawa - Member

Ontario Bar Association (Ottawa) - Participant