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Q: What’s most important for you to understand when you start working with a client?

A: Everything. Who the client is, what matters to them, what's going to help them the most in practical terms. If someone's heading to court and the legal fees are going to outweigh the damages they might win, it's not worth it for them to have a lawyer there. But in those situations we can give valuable advice to help prepare the client properly. It's about providing a solution that works and makes sense. Nothing cookie cutter.


Q: How do you make sure you get the information you need?

A: You have to earn people's confidence, make them feel comfortable to tell you things that are sometimes deeply personal. Part of that is knowing how to get the right information out of a conversation. I was an interviewer in the federal government for a time, so I've really honed that ability. And part of it is giving people the reassurance that their stories are safe with you. We are fiercely protective of our clients' privacy.


Q: Do clients ever come to you with misconceptions you need to correct?

A: Sometimes. There's a lot of information on the Internet. Some of it is more accurate than others. Or people will see things on TV that actually have nothing to do with Ontario law. We help them get a handle on the realities that apply to their specific situation.


Q: Lawyers often talk about ‘results’. What does that word mean to you?

A: For me it means knowing the client got what they really needed and that they walked away with a sense that we cared, that to us they weren't just another file. It's not always about giving legal advice. Sometimes what people need is practical advice, business advice, perspective on a personal problem. It's really varied, and I love that aspect of the job. Every day brings new challenges. You never know who's going to walk through the door.


Bachelor of History with Honours - Université d’Ottawa

Law Degree - Université d’Ottawa

Called to the Bar 2009


Community Involvement

AOE Arts Council - Board of Directors