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Other Services


We offer services in the Family Law area limited to:

We also work cooperatively with family law colleagues in other firms in completing real estate transactions for separating or divorcing couples where the proceeds of sale have to be held in trust until matrimonial issues are resolved. We will complete the sale transaction and either hold the net proceeds in our non-interest-bearing General Trust Account or we will invest the funds in an interest-bearing vehicle on joint instructions from the matrimonial law lawyers representing the spouses.


As notary publics, our lawyers can notarize signatures, prepare and sign notarial certificates and commission signatures on documents in which you swear as to the truthfulness of their contents. Some of our staff can also swear documents as to the truthfulness of their contents.


Our minimum fee for this service is $50.00. This is for swearing a document or notarizing a signature where you come in with fully completed paperwork. If we have to create the document or assist you in completing a document that you bring in, fees will increase depending on what is involved, the extra time required, whether or not we have to deal with the matter on an urgent basis, and other factors. We will be pleased to give you an estimate of the fees once we see what needs to be done. All fees are subject to HST.


When a Travel Letter Is Needed

If one parent wishes to travel internationally from Canada with his or her child or children, he or she will require a letter signed by the other parent, with the signature notarized by a lawyer, granting permission to the traveling spouse to do so. Note that these letters are required regardless of the marital status of the parents. Even if they are married and happily living together, a travel letter will be needed before one parent can take a child or children out of the country on his or her own.

Options and Fees

We can complete the travel letter for you and see you to sign and notarize it or you can complete the letter yourself and bring it in to be signed and notarized. If we complete the travel letter, fees for the whole process will be $75.00, assuming that you provide all required information well promptly and without complications. If you complete the travel letter and we simply see you to sign it and notarize it, fees will be $50.00. All fees are subject to HST and are payable at the time of signing.


If you want us to complete the travel letter, we require the following information to be sent to us by either fax or e-mail. We prefer not to take the information over the telephone because of the danger of transcription errors:

For a form of letter provided by Foreign Affairs Canada, click on this link: Travel Letter.